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Welcome to the Crimean photo album with high quality photos of nature of Crimea

Welcome to Crimean photo album by Peter Lapshin, Moscow, Russia

Crimea is a peninsula in northern part of the Black sea. This is a Ukrainian territory. The mountains in the south of peninsula (height up to 1600 metres). The nature of the southern shore of Crimea is very beautiful. On this site you can find different photos from this place. Photos was made in 1995-2002 by Peter Lapshin, Moscow, Russia. Site was created in October 2000.

On this site you can find:

  •  Alupka - Vorontsov's Palace and Park, Alupka town.
  •  Alushta - Alushta town.
  •  Ay Petry - The beautiful peak of Crimean mountains
  •  Balaklava - Sevastopol town and Balaklava place
  •  Black Sea - Photos of coast line.
  •  Botanical garden - Nikita State Botanical Garden, Yalta, Crimea, Ukraine.
  •  Demerdji - "Valley of ghosts" - photos on the Demerdji mountain range.
  •  'Goluboy Zaliv' - Blue Gulf.
    Other projects by Peter Lapshin:
  •  Moscow indoor planting club
  •  Leafy succulent plants - succulent photo gallery. Collection count about 400 sorts of succulent plants from different genuses of Crassulaceae family.
  •  Search Kit - internet metasearch system.
  •  Episcia (Gesneriaceae) - modern tropical plant with motley leaves and bright flowers. Cultivation, photos of species and sorts. Sale and exchange.
  •  "Agave etc." - illustrated Succulent Directory. Many photos of most genuses of succulent plants. Photos was captured from different foreign Internet sites.
  •  Культивар - электронный журнал об аномальных формах кактусов и других суккулентов
  •  Никита - Кактусовая оранжерея Никитского ботанического сада, Ялта, Крым.
  •  Karadag (new!) - Mountain chain near Feodosia town, East Crimea - Photos by Olga Balkarey.
  •  'Koshka' mountain - interesting cliff under coast line.
  •  'Kuchuk Lampad' The 'Black lighthouse' palace near Gurzuf.
  •  Mangup-Kale fort - Medieval cave town near Bakhchisaray town.
  •  Chifut Kale fort - Medieval cave town near Bakhchisaray town.
  •  Sudak town - Medieval Genoese fort.
  •  Swallow's nest - The "Lastochkino Gnezdo" palace.
  •  Crimean waterfalls - 'Dzhur-Dzhur', 'Silver Jets', Red River waterfall and 'U-Chan-Su' waterfall.
  •  In the forest of Crimean mountains - different photos.
  •  Stereo Photos - some stereo pairs.
  • Crimean map - Geography map of south half of Crimean peninsula.
  • Author - about author.
  • Links - links to thematic internet resourses.
  • Literature page - about Crimea (Russian)


  • This site was created in January, 2000, updated in October, 2000;
  • Update of disain and adding Olga Balkarey's photos - April, 2003;
  • Update, May, 2004: photos, make in 2001 and 2002 (summary 211 photo);
  • Update, January, 2006: photos, make in 2003 (summary 274 photo)

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Copyright (c) since 2000. All photos by Peter Lapshin. All rights reserved.