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 Leafy Succulents
by Peter Lapshin, Moscow
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Links to succulent and cacti related sites
Let's exchange by links with us! Ссылки на русские суккулентные сайты здесь

cactus-mall.comCactus and Succulent Plant Mall. The premier cactus and succulent website with links to web pages and other C&S related Internet facilities. Picture archives and links to most other cactus and succulent pages. Адреса всех кактусных и суккулентных питомников мира
CactusPlaza At CactusPlaza you can order a wide range of cactus plants, succulent plants, caudex plants, mesembs, Agave plant, Cactus seeds, Succulent seeds and seeds of other rare and interesting (hardy) exotic plant species.
Sedum, Sempervivum and Jovibarba Sedum and Sempervivum, Jovibarba and heuffelii easy, hardy, fun succulents. Databases, Articles,Trading Forum, Pictures, Links and sharing ideas on how to grow these wonderful plants. Project by Valleylynn at
Kara Nursery
Cacti and Succulents for Sale at Kara Nursery We grow and sell quality cactus and succulent plants, specializing in Echeverias, Lithops, Haworthias, a selection of cacti and caudiciform plants. We are small and give personalized attention to each order. Luther Sturtevant & Lynn-Marie Kara.
Bohemia Cactus
- cacti and succulents, books, journals, links, advertisements etc.
Rich's Photo Albums
Welcome to my photo albums. I like fossils (particularly trilobites), Cacti and Succulents, Bamboo, and a few other odds and ends. If you think you might like to get a better look at one or more of these, well come on in.
Chris Moore, England
Very big photogallery of Asclepiadaceae.
The Collectors Paradise
Cacti & Succulents. Big Australia Cacti and succulents nurseries, Melbourne. Very big photogallery in site: Cacti, Caudiciforms, Ceropegias, Crassulas, Echeverias, Euphorbias, Hoyas, Stapeliads, Stone Plants.
AloesAloes seeds and descriptions to grow aloes from seeds for the water saving succulent garden.
Succulent Tissue Cultureproducing rare and endangered cacti and succulent plants using in vitro techniques. Also STC is doing tissue culture research on a growing number of ornamental plants, cut flowers and pot-plants and rare ornamentals like bulb- and caudex forming tropical plants. Robert Wellens, The Netherlands.
Succulent-plant.comMany informtion on related thematics: societis, growing, nurseries, bot.gardens, many etc.
Cacti and succulent seeds:
Cactus shop
PexesoCacti - The Memory Game
Pictures and info on over 1000 tropical plants and succulents. This is a big and very userfull site.
Trond, NorwayVery many photos devoted cacti and other succulents
Miles2goMiles' To Go - Cactus and Succulent Webalog
LinkPlantCare is a FREE database of over 1,300 species of House and Greenhouse Plants which provides 18 categories of care, from watering to lighting. Search a plant by either its Latin or common name. If you don't know the name, Search by Plant Type, such as Shrub, Fern or Perennial.
LinkKaktus Austria. The First Austrian Cactus Page. Due to the fact that the activities of the Austrian cactus-lovers find just timid their presence in the WWW, I've decided to begin the begin ('in Linz beginnts') in offering some tips, links and information about cacti.
LinkDepartment of Botany, Smithsonian Institution
LinkCalifornia cactus center
LinkCactus and succulents page by Gerard Ardisson
LinkChoon's Cacti Collection
LinkArid Lands Greenhouses. A huge selection of Euphorbia as well as caudiciforms and other succulents (and the occasional cactus).
LinkArizona Cactus Sales. Larger specimens of cacti and succulents, many field grown and acclimated.
LinkAriocarpus - Living Rocks of Mexico. Site dedicated to Ariocarpus (my favorite genus), lots of information.
LinkThe Great Petaluma Desert. Specializing in rare and specimen caudiciforms.
LinkLiving Stones Nursery. Cacti, succulents, caudiciforms, mesems, and a whole lotta Lithops.
LinkList of Associations and Societys
LinkEcology & Evolutionary Biology Conservatory
LinkImages of plants
LinkGardenWeb Forums. Information exchange for cactus and succulent lovers.
Bonsaisite Сайт, посвященный бонсаи.
LinkTeesside Branch Photo Gallery
Link Stapeliads - Orchids of the Succulent World. Сайт, посвященный семейству Asclepiadaceae. Множество прекрасных фотографий, которые не оставят равнодушным даже человека, не очень интересующегося этим семейством.

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