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 Leafy Succulents
by Peter Lapshin, Moscow
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Photo albums of succulent plants
Our site a photo gallery of succulent plants and have about 5000 photos of different succulents. Collection by Peter Lapshin - about 1800 photos, Ukrainian succulent collections - about 900 photos, Israelian succulent collections - about 2000 photos.

Collection by Peter Lapshin Ukrainian albums Succulents in Israel
Timiryazev Institute of Plant Physiology, Moscow Botanical gardens and private collections, Kiev Botanical gardens, nurseries, collections
  •   Tel-Aviv: Botanical Gardens, Town
  •   Jerusalim: Botanical Gardens, Караллюма
  •   Collections: S.Matityahu, H.Serusi, J.Baran
  •   Nurseries: Regev, Sh.mishtalot, Kal Shatil
  •   Dead Sea: Wadi David, Ein-Gedi
  •   Baer-Sheva
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