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 Leafy Succulents
by Peter Lapshin, Moscow
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Dear Sir/Madam!

I am seeking a position for work with succulent plants with your Company. I am experienced in all areas of indoor planting, especially in growing leafy succulents, with a specialty in research into the Crassulaceae family. With nearly 14 years of experience working with succulents and about 20 years with other plants.


1. I am also an experienced horticulturalist, specializing in leafy succulents and other tropical plants. I was able to successfully grow one of the large private collections of leafy succulents in Russia. Find an Internet site with illustraded list of the collection at: .

2. I have served for the three years as Chairman of the Moscow Indoor Planting Club. I participated at 56 container plant and Cacti exhibitions (since 1988) and I have won awards at some of them.

3. Also I am a member of the executive committee of the Russian Organization for Investigations in Cacti and Other Xerophilus Plants.

4. For the last 3 years I serve as a consultant in container plants on the Internet at Russians: "Women's Passions",

5. I earned my Ph.D. in Biology in 2001. I am a research scientist in plant cell biotechnology where I work with isolated tissue cultures of high plants in vitro: cell selection and clonal micropropagation.

- Growing of leafy succulents, episcias and other indoor container plants;
- Consulting in all areas of culture of different plants in house.
- In vitro micropropagation and cell selection of plants.

# "Moscow Indoor Plant Club", Moscow, Russia (Chairman, 2000 - Present):
- Popularization and researching of rare species and new cultivars of indoor plants.
- Developed a method of growing plants in various room conditions.
- Organized Indoor Plant exhibitions, lectures about growing and maintaining indoor plants and excursions to leading botanical gardens.

# "Russian Organization for Investigations into Cacti and Other Xerophilus Plants", Moscow, Russia (Member of Executive Committee, 2000 - Present):
- Participation in organization of cacti exhibitions,
- Technical and consulting help in publication of "Cacti and Other Xerophilus Plants" Magazine.
- One of the authors of this magazine.

# Internet server "Woman's Passions",, (Consultant in Indoor Plants, 2001 - Present):
- Advise Internet users on all questions regarding indoor plant culture.

# Institute of Plant Physiology of Russian Academy of Science, Moscow, Russia (Research Scientist in Department of Cell Biology and Biotechnology, since August, 1995):
Work with isolated tissue cultures of high plants in vitro including:
- cell selection of Triticum aestivum resistant to UV-B irradiation (Ph.D. degree, 2001);
- morpho-metric and biochemical analyses;
- clonal micropropagation of different high plants.

- 2001 Ph.D. in Biology, The thesis: "Cell selection of Triticum aestivum resistant to UV-B irradiation", Moscow Agricultural Academy, Moscow, Russia.
Citation: Ph.D. Thesis, The Central Library of Moscow Agricultural Academy, Moscow, Russia.
- 1995 MS in Agronomy, Moscow Timiryazev Agriculrural Academy.

Thank you for your time. If you have a position where my knowledge and experience can be useful, please contact me.

I have the depth of knowledge it takes to make positive contributions to your organization. My ability to put together and implement future programs and systems will be very useful to you. I have a strong ability to work on my own initiative and as part of a team. I look forward to hearing from you.

- - - - - - - - - -
Peter V. Lapshin
22-1-11 Turistskaya ul.
Moscow, 125480, Russia
Phone: +095-496-1784

Yours faithfully, Peter Lapshin, Moscow, Russia. - sites about tropical and arid plants.

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