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The Cacti Greenhouse All photos
by Peter Lapshin
of State Nikita Botanical Gardens (Yalta, Crimea)   Home   About Gardens    Address, How to get    Photo Galleries    Succulent Collection    Links    Author of site    Russian 
How to get us:

The Cacti Greenhouse is open from 9-00 till 18-00 without days off.

You can get the Cacti Greenhouse of Nikita Botanical Garden from Yalta. Bus 34 from "Centralniy Rinok" bus stop. By car: highway Simperopol - Yalta to the Parade Arch of Nikita Garden, turn down and go to the Garden's lower entrence.

There you can buy different cacti and other succulent plants and compositions of them. Also you can have consultations of specialists.

Director of the Greenhouse: Olga Ivanovna Goncharova, phone: +0654-33-57-79

Web-master and author of photos Peter Lapshin:

The scheme of Nikita Botanical Gardens below. The Cacti Greenhouse at the bottom of picture.


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