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Sun Gold, chimeric clone
Start Episcian site
by Peter Lapshin, Moscow, Russia

Unfortunately all sections is Russian only. We are sorry :(
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Strawberry Patch

My home collection (august 2000). My home collection (august 2000).

Hello! My name is Peter Lapshin and I welcome you on my site about Episcia!

This site contain common information about cultivation of episcia plants, description and photos of many sorts and also species. This site is present on Russian. If you know Russian go this link.

On this English page you can see a photos of Episcia sorts, which is in my personal collection. At this moment in my collection about 50 sorts. Some sorts have got uncorrect names. If you know the correct names - e-mail me, please!

'Tiger stripe'
Unknown More big than 'Tiger Stripe'. Have got yellow nets but not silver as 'Tiger Stripe'. Leavs 15-25 sm along. There are both preceding sorts on this photo. At the left - unknown sort, at the right - 'Tiger Stripe'.


'Kee Wee'

'Strawberry mist'

'Show Time'

Smoked Topaz


Unknown sort. Same as 'Harlequine' but the figure of brown part is other: no isolated spots.

'Silvan's Beauty'

'Pink Acajou'

'Moon Light'

'Faded Jade'

'Tropical Topaz'

'Raspberry blush'


Episcia suprina

Lilacina f. viridis

Episcia lilacina

Fimbriata 'Blue Heaven'

'Silver Sheen'

'Sun Gold'

'Star of Bethlehem'

'Silver skies'
:: Other Gesneriads ::

Gloxinia (Kohleria) lindeniana

Gloxinia (Kohleria) sciadotydaea

Chirita sinensis

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