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By L.P. Kornilova (Angarsk)

Growing cacti from seeds is rather difficult. The method of grafting small seedlings on Pereskiopsis is of great help. It is described in detail in special literature. I use this method widely and successfully.

I mostly graft seedlings under a month of age. You don't need to fix them on stocks, it's just enough to press them with your finger.

When you sow seeds of cacti sometimes germinating energy of seeds is low due to unknown physiological reasons. Their peel breaks, and then the process stops. Trying to prevent seedlings from dying I graft them onto Pereskiopsis. I detach the rest of the peel carefully, take out the germ, make a cut, put the scion onto the stock and press it with my finger. Then I place the graft into a plastic bag for 7-8 days fixing it on the pot with a rubber band. It creates a special microclimate for the plant.

My successful grafting inspired me to go even further. Now I don't wait till the peel breaks but remove it myself after the seeds remained several days in the wet tray. The positive results allow speaking of the possibility of grafting cacti's germs on Pereskiopsis. This method helps to get healthy plants from seeds of rare cacti with low germinating capability.

The method has certain technical difficulties and requires some experience, but if you sow and graft actively you will have the necessary skills soon. I'd like to add that Pereskiopsis doesn't withstand drying out and low temperature. At the moment of grafting it should be well hydrated, green and with well developed leaves near the top. It's very important to look after the graft, especially during first weeks.

The article given by V. Boxer, Angarsk, Russia


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