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ISSUE 4 (26):

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Photo 1. Rebutia sp.

Photo 2. Rebutia albiflora hybrid

Photo 3. Rebutia calliantha v.beryllioides

Photo 5. Rebutia grandiflora

Photo 6. Rebutia grossewole

Photo 7. Rebutia heliosa


Translated by Larisa Zaitseva (Chelyabinsk, Russia)

Photo 8-1. Rebutia krainziana nuda
Photo 8. Rebutia krainziana
Photo 9. Rebutia krainziana mostruosa

In this issue our photo gallery is dedicated to the genus Rebutia - one of the largest in the Cactaceae family. From the point of view of modern taxonomy the genus Rebutia nowadays incorporates also the plants from the genera Aylostera, Digitorebutia, Mediolobivia, Reicheocactus, Sulcorebutia and Weingartia that earlier used to be considered as independent. To our deep regret we didn't manage to collect many photos of these plants with unusual from of growth, though rebutias are widely spread in collections of hobbyists all over the world. Therefore we'll be only too glad if you could help us enlarge the magazine photo gallery by the snaps of the plants from your collections, URL are also welcome. We are planning to dedicate the next issue photo gallery to the cereoid cacti – monstrous, crested or colored plants from genera Cereus, Trichocereus, Haageocereus, Selenicereus, Espostoa and so on – these plants are really numerous.

For certain reasons we were unable to obtain permission for publication from ALL authors and site owners and we must make an apology therefore. In case of any complaints the photos will be removed from the photo gallery at once.

The source of photos:

Photo 1, 3, 6, 8, 11а, 13, 13а, 14, 17-1, 20, 20а, 23, 25 – virtual collection of "Cultivar" magazine.
Photo 2.
Photo 4.
Photo 5.
Photo 7.
Photo 8-1.
Photo 9.
Photo 10.
Photo 11.
Photo 12.
Photo 15.
Photo 16.
Photo 16a.
Photo 17.
Photo 18.
Photo 19.
Photo 21.
Photo 22.
Photo 24.
Photo 25.

Photo 10. Rebutia marsoneri

Photo 10а. Rebutia marsoneri normal form

Photo 11а. Rebutia minuscula

Photo 11. Rebutia minuscula

Photo 12. Rebutia samayana

Photo 13a. Rebutia senilis

Photo 13. Rebutia senilis

Photo 14. Rebutia violaciflora

Photo 15. Rebutia violaciflora

Photo 16a. Sulcorebutia rauschii

Photo 16. Sulcorebutia rauschii, normal form

Photo 17-1. Rebutia sp. ? violaciflora

Photo 17. Rebutia violaciflora

Photo 18. Aylostera helilosa

Photo 19. Aylostera sp

Photo 20. Sulcorebutia glomeriseta

Photo 20a. Sulcorebutia glomerespina

Photo 25. Rebutia sp. crested form


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