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Cacti & Succulents Memorabilia
selection of badges, devoted to cacti

Dear fellow cactus and succulent enthusiasts, we invite you to mail us the photos not only of your unusual plants but also of anything associated with the objects of our hobby.

This page of our e-magazine displays a selection of badges, devoted to cacti, from different countries.

1-21. The badges were issued in 1984-1988 by the Association of cacti clubs of the USSR.

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Badges of cacti clubs of Russia and other countries:

22. "Astrophytum" club, Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan
23. "Cactus" club, Arkhangelsk
24. "Prickly wonder" club, Vologda
25 - 25a. "Astrophytum" club, Voronezh
26. "Lophophora" club, Gomel, Belarus
27. "Aztekium" club, Ivano-Frankovsk, Ukraine
28-28a. Kiev, Ukraine
29. "Aztekium" club, Krasnoyarsk
30. Leningrad
31-31a. "Asterias" club, Moscow
32-32a. "Karpaty" club, Mukachevo, Ukraine
33. "Aztekium-72" club, Odessa, Ukraine
34. Plzn, Czechia
35. "Cereus" club, Sverdlovsk
36. "Lobivia" club, Smolensk
37-37a. "Asterias" club, Chelyabinsk
38. Albert Fric club, Shevchenko
39. "Ferocactus" club
40. Republican cacti seminar, Baku, Azerbaijan
41. "Exotika" club, Sofia, Bulgaria

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Photo 15.

1-37. From the collection of Alisa Tselovalnikova (Chelyabinsk, Russia). 38-40. From the collection of Ilya V. Vorontsov. 41. From the collection of Goran Prvanov (Bulgaria).


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