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Adromischus cristatus

Echeveria nodulosa

Frithia humilis

Huernia pillansii

Piaranthus foetidus

Haworthia maughanii

Sempervivum sp.

The collection of Irina Bessmertnaya, club "Discocactus", Sochi, Russia

By Peter Lapshin
Translated from Russian by Irine Ten

Photo 2. Shelves with artificial lighting
Photo 3. The window sill
Photo 4. Shelves on the window sill
Photo 5. Echeveria (on the left – E. shaviana, behind – E. nodulosa, on the right – E. pulidonis)
Photo 6. Adromischus cooperi
Photo 7. Crassula cv. 'Morgan Beauty'

Irina Bessmertnaya became interested in succulents in 1985 and the first plants in her collection were cacti from genera Parodia, Astrophytum, Rebutia and others. From the first plants only Echinocereus baileyi var. brunispinus remains (Photo 1).

Photo 1. Echinocereus
baileyi v. brunispinus

Gradually collecting of succulents changed its direction: the priority was given to leaf succulents, especially, to genus Haworthia (see below the list of species from Irina's collection). In addition to succulents Irina is interested in other decorative house plants, including the plants from the Orchidaceae family. Today there are few cacti from genera Rebutia and Mammillaria in her collection. The main attention is paid to collecting of plants from the Asphodeliaceae, Crassulaceae and Asclepiadaceae families.

In August 2004 the collection of the leaf succulents consisted of 161 species from 34 genera included in 9 plant families. The great attention is paid to members of genus Haworthia: the current count is 21 species. The most remarkable species in the collection are H. tesselata, H. pumila (synonym H. margaritifera), H. maughanii, H. truncata, H. attenuata v. clariperla, H. reinwardtii and H. viscosa.

In addition to Haworthia species, Irina owns beautiful plants from the Asclepiadaceae family, including Huernia pillansii, H. zebrina, Tavaresia barkley, Echidnopsis cereiformis.

The collection includes a wide range of members of the Crassulaceae family: 11 genera, 64 species, including 24 species of the genus Crassula: Crassula barbata, C. perfoliata v. minor, mesembryanthemopsis, cv. 'Morgan's Beauty', brevifolia and others, and also 15 species and forms of genus Echeveria.

Irina will be very glad to exchange plants with other collectors. We wish her luck! Her tel. is: + 7 (8622) 98-27-92.

Haworthia species from the collection of Irina Bessmertnaya (August 2004):,


  • angustifolia var. liliputana
  • arachnoidea
  • attenuata
  • attenuata var. clariperla
  • batesiana
  • caespitosa
  • coarctata
  • cooperi
  • cymbiformis
  • cymbiformis f. variegata
  • fasciata
  • glauca
  • limifolia
  • maughanii
  • nigra
  • nitidula
  • obtusa f. pilifera
  • pallida
  • pigmea
  • pumila
  • reinwardtii
  • retusa
  • tesselata
  • tesselata var. engleri
  • tortuosa
  • truncata
  • turgida
  • viscosa

  • Photo 8. Plants on a balcony.

    Photo 9. Hawortias.

    Photo 10. Hawortias.

    Photo 11. Adromischus poeltitzianus, Haworthia cymbiformis

    Photo 12. Hawortias.

    Photo 13. Haworthia truncata.


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