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In the past the envelopes with pictures of cacti and succulents were made by request of the Ministry of Communications of the USSR. Below you can see the photos of envelopes from the collection of Valery Kalishev.

Photo 1-4: eight unstamped envelopes from the series "Flowering Cacti", designed by K. Gorinov, 1983.

Photo 1. Mammillaria insularis, Epithelantha micromeris v. greggii

Photo 2. Sulcorebutia torabacensis, Pelecyphora pseudopectinata

Photo 3. Aporocactus flagelliformis, Gymnocalycium damsii

Photo 4. Turbinicarpus macrochele, Aylostera heliosa

Photo 5. Notocactus apricus, Gymnocalycium saglione

Photo 6 (1): The unstamped envelope devoted to a Moscow cacti show, designed by A. Smirnov.

Photo 6. Moscow cacti show; Selenicereus grandiflorus

Photo 6 (2)-8: Three stamped envelopes with cacti names on the frontside and two with names on the backside, by T. Panchenko, 1985.

Photo 7. Epiphyllum ackermannii, Thelocactus bicolor

Photo 8. Mammillaria bombycina, Gymnocalycium knebelii

Photo 9-10 (1): Three unstamped envelopes designed by K. Gorinov, 1987.

Photo 9. Mammillaria bocasana var. splendens, Wilcoxia albiflora

Photo 10. Roseocactus kotschoubeyanus; Parodia gracilis

Photo 10 (2)-11: Three stamped envelopes designed by V. Viskov, 1991.

Photo 11. Parodia microsperma, Gymnocalycium mihanovichii


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