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translated by Irina Kalmikova

Dear readers,

In the archives of cacti forums and discussion lists there is a great amount of information about culture and maintenance of cacti that you shared with each other. Everybody has an access to archives, but it's rather hard to find the necessary information. So, why don't we compose an internet-book on the basis of the records? It will be the book with the most interesting tips divided by content.

Why don't we write to forum, subscription, FAQ owners and ask them if we could use the information on cacti culture from their sites to compose the book?

In the future we can add more information from books and magazines (with their permission). The book should be illustrated with pictures and photos. Naturally, it's going to be a hard work and a huge amount of content.

English and Russian projects should be independent. And all the information owners would be able to use the book on their own sites.

What do you think about it? Let's discuss it by the end of October. Let's make a list of the main topics, find sites with the useful information, and negotiate with magazines' editors and books' authors. But above all, let's gather organizers to work on the book.


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