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ISSUE 3 (40):

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Photo 8.

Photo 30. Ariocarpus fissuratus x kotskoubehianus

Photo 38. Gymnocalycium saglionis crest

Photo 39. Stetsonia corine crest

Photo 40. Astrophytum onzuca "lotusland"

Anomalous forms of cacti from collection by Simone, Italy

(photos by the author)

Photo 11. MY PERSONAL CULTIVAR: "Manu-snow"

Photo 7. Opuntia clavaroides SUPER crest

I'm a cactus lover about 50 years old and I many years I have found and born and grow many strange and wonderful plants. I love Copiapoa genus, Ariocarpus, Gymnocalycium and many others. My glass house it's not very big, but very FULL. In summer I put out in my garden many big plants (like now) and in winter I seed in glass-aquarium.

I collaborate with a commercial grass house 100 km to Roma! He is a good cultivator and a good person. I give to him all my little plants (born in winter) and he give my for exchange some good and special plants.

For me this is only an hobby, because I have another real job, but for me it's a wonder time, when I can stay with my little fat plants.

I send to you 40 pics (for examples) if you like in particularly some of its plant. I have not a web site with my plants, maybe you could see other of my plants on: this place where are write: Simone-Italy.

Photo 1. Euphorbia obesa monster

Photo 2. Euphorbia obesa "prolifera"

Photo 3. Gymnocalycium saglionis crest and varieged

Photo 4. Echinopsis ?

Photo 5. Astrophytum onzuka crest

Photo 6. Mammillaria sp. crest

Photo 9. Aztekium hintonii crest

Photo 10. Mammillaria luethy X theraesae

Photo 12. Polaskia, Lobivia, and ??? crest

Photo 13. Mammillaria spinosissima crest and normal

Photo 14. Echinopsis nudum crest

Photo 15. Astrophytum capricorne X asterias varieged

Photo 16. Ariocarpus furfuraceus crest

Photo 17. Astrophytum cultivar KIKKO

Photo 18. Cereus peruvianus seedling superb crest

Photo 19. Lophophora friici varieged RE.GRAFT on Lophophora friici green

Photo 20. Lobivia crest

Photo 21. Lophophora cultivar

Photo 22. Lophophora spiral form

Photo 23. Copiapoa cinerescens crest

Photo 24. Crasy and polymotic Strombocactus disciformis

Photo 25. Young Lophophora (enlarge pics to see…..)

Photo 26. Turbinicarpus sp. crest

Photo 27. Tirbinicarpus valdezianus super crest

Photo 28. Tirbinicarpus valdezianus super crest

Photo 29. Geohintonia mexicana cres

Photo 33. Echionthalonius horyzonthalonius varieged

Photo 34. Astrophytum X pink

Photo 35. Mammilalria gracilis crest

Photo 37. Echinopsis sp. Nudum varieged


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