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Project by Valery Kalishev 
ISSUE 7 (8):

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By Walery Kalishev

Photo 1. Gymnocalycium sp.

Starting from this issue we will publish in this section photos of cultivars, crested and mon-strose forms (1) having doubtful names and (2) new ones got in recent years.

The first group comprises mostly nameless cacti and succulents spread by companies. We have already written about it. At the same time we would not like to give new names to the plants that have registered names given by companies and amateurs. To avoid it we ask kindly companies and indi-viduals selling cacti and other succulents to send us your price-lists. Not including all the plants but only cultivars, crested and monstrose forms. It would help us a lot. The best variant would be photos of plants with their names. As for the nameless plants, their names should be restored, as well as the in-formation about when where and by whom they were got. We are looking forward your letters.

Photo 2. Gymnocalycium sp.Photo 3. Gymnocalycium sp.

Photo 4. Gymnocalycium sp.

For example, we know that in 1983 Ishikawa recognized 16 varieties of 'Hibotan' and 10 of 'Nishiki'. It is quite possible that the information and photos of the plants were published in press. We would like to have it. Especially since the market is glutted particularly with Gymnocalycium 'Hibotan' and 'Nishiki' sold nameless.

I hope that there are lots of cactophiles interested in this problem. Please write to: Walery Kalishev, post office box 13183, Chelyabinsk - 92, 454092, Russia. If possible send registered letters. e-mail:

I believe there is sense in opening photo gallery of such plants where we could gather photos from different galleries. WE HOPE THAT SITES OWNERS WILL NOT BE AGAINST. WE WILL GIVE LINKS.

Photo 5. Gymnocalycium sp.Photo 6. Gymnocalycium mihanovichii 'Nishiki' syn. G. mihanovitchii variegate

As for the new plants we will place them not only as novelties bur also as cacti having the right for their own name. We will publish information about them too. It does not mean that we register them officially. There are special institutions for this. At the same time the amateurs getting a new plant are unlikely to turn there. The reason is very easy. One should know how to write an application, where to send it and what are registration demands.

Photo 7. Gymnocalycium mihanovitchii varieg with lots of yellow (with lots of yellow)Photo 8. Gymnocalycium mihanovitchii frederichii variegate.

Photo 9. Gymnocalycium sp. f. variegate Pay attention at the buds: this is a unique photo.

Our goal is modest. It is to inform cactophiles about new cultivars or crested forms, to show their photos and give main characteristics. I think that editors of national magazines will be interested in it. We suggest that you publish our reports. It will help us to avoid mess with names and give cactophiles a chance to learn about novelties.

Besides we are going to publish an annual magazine "Abnormal forms of cacti (and other succu-lents)" where we will introduce all the novelties got during a year. The first issue of the magazine in Russian and English is ready.

There are 260 photos of cultivars, crested and monstrose forms of cacti, articles on their biology and treatment. E-mail:

Name 1. Gymnocalycium. Species is not defined. Grafted on Hylocereus (photo 1, 2, 3) It is not known where it is got and by whom. 2. Gymnocalycium. Species is not defined. Grafted on Hylocereus (photo 1, 4, 5) It is not known where it is got and by whom.
Stem Slightly flattened, 45 mm in diameter, 30 mm high. Colored red-brown. Develop well lateral offsets. Globe-shaped, 40 mm in diameter, 45 mm high. Colored red-brown with green, the color is more graphic in winter. Develop well lateral offsets.
Ribs Count 8, 22 mm wide in the lower part, 10 mm high. The ribs are pronounced at the age of 5-6 years in the upper and middle part, then they diminish and come to naught in the lower part. Count 8 - 9, 17 mm wide in the lower part, 7 mm high.
Spines Count 3-4, 5-7 mm high, slightly bent, dark gray, dark brown at the ends. Count 5-7. 4-6 mm high, slightly bent, light gray, darker at the ends.
Areoles White-gray, 2 mm high, there are 2 on 1 сm of the surface of the rib. The number of grooves corresponds to the number of areoles. Light gray, 1 mm high, there are 3 on 1 сm of the surface of the rib. The number of grooves corresponds to the number of areoles.
Flower 37 mm high, 32 mm in diameter. The lower part of the tube is green with pink shade. The exter-nal petals of perianth are pink with a darker lengthwise stripe. The internal petals are pink. The lower petals of perianth have a dewy knob on the pointed part. The stamens are yellow. 40 mm high, 25 mm in diameter. The lower part of the tube is green. The external petals of peri-anth are pink-cream, the ends of the petals are reddish brown. The internal petals very from cream (in the beginning of the blooming) to pinkish (at the end of blooming). The stamens are cream

Let us specify the name

Confirm or let us know your names of the plants.
Meet a new species.

Mammillaria eschanzieri cv. (S) (Photo 10-11).

Photo 10. Mammillaria eschanzieri cv. (S).

Photo 11. Mammillaria eschanzieri cv. (S).

Got in 1999 in Ekaterinburg, Russia, The author is Igor M. Skoulkin, biologist, Ph.D. It corresponds to the description of the natural type. benannt nach Mons. Eschanazier; gedrucktkugelig, 3 cm hoch und O; Axillen kahl; 15-20 Rand-dornen, 1-1.2 cm lang, haardunn, Spitzen dunkel; 1 Mitteldorn. 1/5-2 cm lang, ebenfalls haardunn, meist gehakt; Bluten rotlich; Fruchte rotlich; Sarmen braunrot; Mexiko (san Luis Potosi) Walther Haage, Kakteen von A bis Z , 1986

Photos are granted by: 1-5, 9-11 Walery Kalishev - Russia; 6 - 8 Lorraine Thomas -California, USA; Trond Dungeon - Norway


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