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TopTropicals in the Caribbean ... Bot Garden at Dominican

Tatyana Andersen:

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Botanical Garden in Santo Domingo we liked more than the San Juan. Despite the fact that the Dominican - a country rich in less obvious than the Puerto Rican-American area, the garden was well-groomed, varied and interesting. However, despite our numerous exploration and survey, more than any large flower beds in the country we did not find. If they do, then perhaps all, this garden - the largest botanical enterprise.

Botanic Garden - and clean hair. Tracks sweep ... palm fronds!

At the entrance is impressive giant clock made of vegetable plantations.

second, that immediately draws the attention - it is the numerous excursion groups of schoolchildren in uniform and the same T-shirts with the same black-and-chocolate color. Welcome trend in education - to inculcate love for flowers! We only! Students behave in different ways: some (good students) to recapitulate the guide, while others wandered aimlessly on the glades or play in the catch, but almost all of them, jealous of the white man in the camera, started to shout theater replica: "Turisto! Americano! Hello! Haw are you! Whatever! " - On their vocabulary words drawn from the American rebels and ends, and they started again. We

a long time to realize how we react to this attention, and we felt such gorilla in a zoo, well, at least - Blacks in the Moscow metro ... We pretended that understand only in Chinese, because very afraid to enter into direct dialogue with the aborigines - and who knows them, they can begin to rastaskivat us to pieces for souvenirs ... But soon came the decision itself. Rabbit, seasoned in the battles with the geese, was brave and turned his camera toward another hoot group of teenage girls. And - Surprise! - They then stood in a row, coquettishly exhibited Popko and exposed white smile. It was obvious that they are willing to reveal more, but the Rabbit shutter clicked, and fled. Exaltation newly model was not the end! If no language barrier, Rabbit would not fail to learn whether there is indeed someone from their email to send photos ... The glory of a great photographer overseas then fly all the bot garden, literally alive pupils. By Rabbit went crowd suffering wishing captured his image for the international show business. Boa miracle managed to save the Rabbit from the avalanche of fans of his photographic skills ... We hid in the laboratory cell cultures.

So, the bot garden was interesting. Rabbit photographed quite a lot of valuable tops. In the garden there is a chic divisions: Dominican endemic, medicinal plants, fruit, tops wet forests (all aroidnye, etc.), Japanese garden. Photos of all these plants are represented in galleries: Flowers Dominican -Part 1 and Part 2, and have already been deployed in Catalog TopTropicals.

Udaff was good and provided an opportunity to enjoy fellowship with Rabbit tops to become fully green. He does not even fit in and not shipel rabbiting (almost). In gratitude to prostrate Rabbit released Udaff evening walk - one without a collar. Udaff enjoyed freedom, bypassed all the discotheque, and came to the hotel satisfied and confident that Rabbit is still better than anyone.


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