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Botanical Garden "Fata Morgana", Praga


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To the great joy of the Czech botanists and nature lovers in general, after a probationary period for public access has opened a new exhibition in Prague Botanical Garden. However, her visit could have a couple of months, but only by prior telephone arrangement. The construction of new greenhouses in length 90 meters, accompanied by a financial scandal. In the course of construction suddenly found that its cost exceeds the estimate provided in the 20 million kronor a ten-fold. What to do for such a case the money found. After all, this region of Central and Eastern Europe, no.

The exhibition is presented in three blocks: semi, tropics and mountains. There is a huge aquarium, and a lake, waterfall and six. All as expected: in the mountains is cool and foggy in the tropical hot and humid, in the semi - the right thing for cacti and other drought-resistant plants. Butterflies flit in the tropics, visitors sit at the back, do not hide from the camera flashes. Paradise, in short.

Known as the New Orangery mysteriously - Fata Morgana. What it is, not everybody knows. And it means "optical phenomenon in the atmosphere, consisting of several forms of mirages." But the mirage of the Prague quite real - colored, flavored, hot, flittering. Impressive, in a word.

Will be in Prague, you might consider visiting. From metro station Nadraziacute; Holesovice bus 112 to the zoo. Then a little walk, guided by signs. Entrance - 90 kr. Children, students - twice cheaper.


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