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This article is a part of Cultivar's projest: Cacti - Writing a Book Together
(section "Literature")

My first book about cacti


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The book, which is not to read it twice, do not even make it read, and once (Weber).

It's no secret that the earlier books on the cactus fall into the hands of not so often as now.

Their first information about the care of the cactus, I got in small scool, when I gave 2 kids - two charming green ball, touching scrape their children's palm thorns, and I briefly told - will bloom in 10 years and the pot should be stones, sand and land. I believe, picked up pebbles from the asphalt, sand from selected did not have to impose in the sandbox and the cat has taken forest land, poured boiling water from the kettle and carefully followed the instructions: poured on the bottom of pebbles, then sand and then the earth, a bit puzzled about the "layer-cake" -- but it may be, these mysterious plants, like cacti. Nobody told me that you want this case Shuffle! So live cacti and I have a lot of time. Moreover, the roots in sand were surprisingly juicy and happy. Therefore, the thickness of sand layer in the profile cactus pot increased. Cacti grown, there were years, has managed to bloom, they were joined by several more. And this leaves the old magazines, "The Family and School", has got an article on the cactus, in the end of which is a reference to a book about cactus. On the windowsill is already a friendly ridge pieces 10 cactus thorns, triumphantly smiling, because it replaced all other plants in a window sill, and from my heart. Although I still did not suspect that they got to the hook, ie, barb - 10 Slade green hedgehogs with a young defenseless special!

And my brain has given a curious line of his legs in a university library. Books have been in storage and in the reading room were given in 3 pcs. Villages around the table. Before me lay a book by Zaletaeva, Udalova-Vyugina and Shirobokova. Spread some excitement impatience, slight confusion anticipation, overwhelmed by the thought that before me so many years been a sort of veil, hiding the mysterious world, and now, finally, the opportunity it slightly. How to start? Great with a colorful picture? Or: I do not know why, but I chose the "Book about cacti." Of note: ": From December to February-March, examined the books of the cactus. First, I read a book by Zaletaeva. By a very interesting, accessible language. It is easy and clear as the warm breeze, poured fresh feeling to the hobby cactus: It is interesting that the author shares his thoughts, bugs, so how she came to the right decision: breathtaking: (well, more that I read, which gave the note). " Book by Udalova and Vyugina "In the world of cacti, I decided to just browse initially, because felt that I know all that is needed to care for a cactus, and see information about specific types of cactus I have. But then I read everything, made some additions to the records. ": Well, that started with Zaletaeva: After her Udalova clear:" The book Shirobokova - very beautiful, full of color photographs, I am from, I primarily learned additional information about the types of cacti. Unfortunately, the remaining books had been lost or.

Two months later: "Once again, took" a book about the cactus. "She again seized me, as for the first time - I have almost all the re-re. From her and is a powerful energy, exciting and affecting, this love for his plants. This energy is literally fuels. I am Put your hands where I saw a very expensive cacti in the shop, they are lovely - and you can not not buy it to ten - 1 pc. (Note, the recording was made as a poor student). But the book gave me a new burst of strength and tenderness to my widespread "thorn".

Later in my life was a lot of books about the cactus, and I sometimes make the choice to buy a book about cactus and cactus, made to the first: but I have time and again, thanks coincidence that the start of its journey in cacti world with the "Book about cacti."

Then it was a lot of books: But that's another story:
Everyone who came to this line - thanks for your attention. Or - the rise! I graduated! Apolla


Username: NoName: Apolla, can offer a few snapshots of my ehinopsisov, as a gift for this article: Photos 1-4.

The author of the remarkable book about cactus - Irina Zaletaeva and all users of the forum cactuslove, who read the book (and author of the article) do not leave these beautiful plants will send photos of their Gymnocalycium: photo 5-8. Sincerely, forum moderator "Cacti and other Succulent Plants":, Eleanor Wilks (Alain Zavarzin), New Zealand.

Username: Hvosch.

Apolla totally agree with you. Cacti began to get involved, I think, even before school. Once we have with the parents went to visit friends, but they contain a collection of cacti woman, I was very interested and she gave me a couple of children the most simple and cacti in the brief said, as caring for them. Since this all started. Then be happy to go to visit him once again to look at the cactus. Then when going to market with my mother, always asked to buy some cactus from grandmothers.

But a few years later his father brought from somewhere "Book about cacti" by Zaletaeva. Read I am not fond of (my summer was forced to read through 5 pages a day), but this book just to read from beginning to end. Whew.

Since that time has passed for many years, but now I sometimes read this "Book about cacti", although probably already learned almost by heart, just from it comes a power that can be read continuously.


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