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from Editor - Valery Kalishev

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Dear visitor, you open the workbook - a book about cactus. Author of a book "Constellation cacti" Nikolai Nikonov wrote: If you meet the plant, approaching in form to the ideal ball to the depressed area, the hemisphere, or a multi-pyramid - most likely it will be a cactus.

If you see a plant like columns, pillars, primitive hunting club, scepter and orb, the maces, sherstopery on hedgehogs, things for washing bottles, the pieces of cotton, moss cushions, pieces of granite, stone products, Nefritovye trinkets, medal star Ananasniye, spruce and pine cones at the head of the old magician, at sea hedgehogs, in a bottle, saucer, buttons on coats, and generally have nothing on similar pieces of fancy and ugly pieces live green and woolly substance - all of this cactus.

In this section you will see many dozens of pictures of these beautiful plants. The authors of the articles take you to beautiful places South America, Canary Islands and other territories, home to these unusual plants. You will learn cacti using the local population, with options for creating on the basis of cacti and other succulents, rock garden, compositions, even bonsai.

For those who would simply like to read that - it's easy or smile, there is a section in the literary forum. You can see the fans, for which these plants have been happy in life. Those with cameras can read about the intricacies of the process when creating pictures of Nature. For the collectors would not be odd to look at a page called Parallel Hobby and see the wonderful miniatyurki stamps, badges, calendars, and various craft projects to cacti topic.

If you want to see the structure and filling the narrower presented in the book, then go back to the first page of Contains which lists the main topics on which the Book and are ready on certain topics.

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