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The Cacti Greenhouse All photos
by Peter Lapshin
of State Nikita Botanical Gardens (Yalta, Crimea)   Home   About Gardens    Address, How to get    Photo Galleries    Succulent Collection    Links    Author of site    Russian 

About Nikita Botanical Gardens

Nikita Botanical Gardens was founded in 1812 and is one of the oldest research institutions in Russia. The founder of the Garden - a prominent biologist of the XIX century Christian Steven. Since the founding garden was designed to promote agricultural production of south Russia based on the introduction, acclimatization, selection and dissemination of southern fruits, flowers, ornamental plants, new medical and other useful crops, the study of local plant resources. Nikita Botanical Gardens is an ancestor in Russia of industries, such as southern and subtropical ornamental horticulture, viticulture, essential oil crops and tobacco. Based on the garden received life were such well-known branch Russian research institutes as the Magarach Institute of Vine and Wine, Institute of aromatic and medicinal plants, experimental stations vegetables and melons and medicinal herbs, tobacco. Nikita Botanical Garden is botanical institutions among the most famous in the world and have one of most largest collections of valuable gene pool of plants.

Unique Arboretum is a hallmark for tourists, experts and scientists of plant. Over an area of about 40 hectares have been collected a unique collection of species, varieties and forms of various plants of the world flora. Our previous experience in the garden of plant introduction in ornamental horticulture, it was possible to form a unique sub-tropical landscape of the Southern coast of Crimea.

Nikita Botanical Gardens include 11 scientific departments, Nature Reserve "Cape Marjan", located near the garden, 4 experimental farms in the Crimea and the Kherson region, Department of phyto-relaxation, buildings of Research Institute of naturopathy and herbal medicine. For the introduction and marketing at the Nikita Botanical Gardens established the State Enterprise "Trading House" Nikita Garden.

The Cactus Greenhouse with a cacti collection included in the Department of Floriculture and Dendrology of Nikita botanical garden, which is headed by Dr. Gennady S. Zakharenko. Director of Cactus greenhouse is Olga Goncharova. Cactus greenhouse includes two areas of open ground, one of which opened in 2009, a large greenhouse exposition, opened in 1998. Collection of cacti and other succulent plants include about 1100 taxa. A collection of cacti evolved for many years and has many large old specimens. With the opening of the new exposition area of greenhouses and open field, it became possible to develop in all its glory for many large-sized species of plants: Cereoid cacti, Agaves, Opuntias, Euphorbias and other plants.

The article of one of the preduschih curators of succulents collection Eugene Yerokhin abour some interesting spcies of collection welcomw to read here.


Used information from Official Site of garden.

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