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Project by Valery Kalishev 
ISSUE 5 (15):

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Emagazine CULTIVAR - ISSUE 5 (15)
Table of content:

  • ANNOUNCEMENT of the journal "Succulents" by Sinev I.E.
  • Orchids - non admitted succulents I.E.Sinev.
  • A phylogenetic outline of the system of classification of the tribe Cacteae (CactaceaeCactoideae). 1. System of classification of the subtribes SclerocactinaeBravocactinae—Turbinicarpinae A. B. Doweld (summary)
  • An outline of the phylogenetic system of classification of the tribe Cacteae (Cactoideae - Cactaceae). II. System of classification of the subtribes Pediocactinae - Thelocactinae - Coryphanthinae A. B. Doweld (summary)
  • An outline of the phylogenetic system of classification of the tribe Cacteae (Cactoideae - Cactaceae). III. System of classification of the subtribes Epithelanthinae, Astrophytinae - Echinocactinae Doweld A. B. (summary)
  • Список терминов, использованных в статьях А. Б. Доуэльда Ирина Тен - only Russian


    1. Ladies and gentlemen! Do all the members of your clubs know about the magazine "Cultivar"?
    This bi-monthly magazine has already been issued for two years running. It's a non-commercial project arranged in Russia. The magazine is bilingual (in Russian and English) and, since it's electronic, no paper version is available.
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    2. Thanin Bannarakna (Thailand) invites you to pay a visit to his updated site: We updated "Our Plants" pages. There is a lot of pictures of "Super Kabuto" plants and also of some other astrophytums. Please check it up!

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    Compiler: Walery Kalishev (Chelyabinsk)
    English translation by: Irina Ten, VA, USA, Larisa Zaitseva – Chelyabinsk
    Lay-out and publishing in Internet: Peter Lapshin (Moscow)


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