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Orchids - non admitted succulents


Orchids - non-admitted succulents. Succulent plants, which are characterized morphologically by presence of water storage tissue in photosyntesis parns of plants, physiologically by CAM-type of photosyntesis and ecologycally - by drought-resisting nature and ability to survive during periods of complete absence of water in environments, inhabit not only tropical and subtropical deserts. They inhabit locations with temporary adsence of water in environment in great variety of landscapes, including rainforests, where epiphytic habitats can be extremely dry.

70% of orchids are epiphytes and most of them are typical succulent plants. They differ from other succulents first of all by the symbiosis with mushrooms, which enable them to receive food from plant remnants. Mushrooms dont need sunlight, so orchids are shade hardy. Their seeds are dusty sized.

The biology of orchids shows, that their succulence and other peculiarities had been deveioped before invasion to epiphytic habitats.

Photos for article from: © Pictures by Tatiana & Michael Anderson from Fort Lauderdale, FL USA, taken in their home tropical garden of over 400 species including roses, orchids, succulents, exotic trees, shrubs and rare flora.


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