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Project by Valery Kalishev 
ISSUE 2 (18):

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Emagazine CULTIVAR - ISSUE 2 (18)
Table of content:

  • A new genus in the Cactaceae family from the state of Nuevo Leon, Mexico: Digitostigma caput-medusae Velazco et Nevarez sp. nov. - Carlos G. Velazco Macias, Manuel Nevarez de los Reyes (only an abstract and pictures; full translation in Russian only)
  • Astrophytum - Selection of materials:
          - Crossing of Astrophytums - Bohumil Schutz;
          - Astrophytum capricorne forma cristata - Heinz Hoock;
          - A real crested flower! - Heinz Hoock;
          - A Beautiful Cristate of Astrophytum ornatum - Heinz Hoock.
  • Experiments - Selection of materials:
          - My Gymnocalycium horstii - By Vladimir Boxer (Angarsk)
          - The hybrids from germination - Alexander Nepryakhin
          - Intergeneric hybrids Astrophytum - Nikolay Balashov, Ph.D., professor, Moscow
          - Hybridization surprise - Irina Ovchinnikova, Krivoy Rog (Ukraine)
          - Experiments - Konstantin Samis'ko (Beketovo village, Crimea, Ukraine)
  • Proliferation of Agave - Alexander Usikoff, Togliatti, Russia
  • Spring cacti flowering - Sergey Kalmykov and Elena Simonova, Kuban
  • Problematic cultivars - Valeriy Kalishev
  • Cultivar's classification by stem color - Nikolay Shemorakov (narrated by Valery Kalishev)
  • Do I have a new cultivar? Reproduced from the website of The International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS)
  • Redistration form - Reproduced from the website of The International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS)

    The editor's desk:

    Dear friends, starting from the this issue we decided to resume the column "Novelty" having renamed it to "Registration". We intend to publish in it not only photographs of succulent cultivars but also short descriptions in order to comply with requirements of official registry. In the same time our registration is non-official, amateurish.

    With time and your help we are going to republish most of photographs which have already appeared in our magazine, but with descriptions this time. At the first stage of this action we will publish basic requirements for the official registration. And then with accumulation of data the bulletin of novelties will be made. We are not excluding possibilities of publishing the bulletin on paper with help of the other journals' editors.

    The main aim of this action is to preserve information about cultivars. Many of them exist as singletons or in very limited numbers. The loss of them is often irreplaceable and the chances to reproduce these forms again are slight. Considering all said above we beg the readers who own cultivars: please make photographs and description (use as example the list of questions from the article "Problematic cultivars") and send them to us. Especially we are interested in cultivars produced by yourself or your friends.

    There is another problem: lack of the names of cultivars (colored, cristate or monstrose forms of succulents) distributed by a number of nurseries in many countries of the world. The most of them are being sold unlabelled or with a non-reliable name. This is the fault of nurseries and trading companies that are obliged to provide every plant with an appropriate label but they don't do it.

    What can we do in this situation?

    • First of all, inquire nurseries about price lists with plant names and photographs. And we hope that you the readers of our magazine will help us. You could ask the sellers for the addresses of the nurseries producing cultivars and send it to us. If you find a price list then could you also send us a copy by e-mail?
    • Second, we are asking you to send us photographs of these plants with names or without them (especially colored and flowering cultivars). We will try to summarize the results and report them in the next issues of our magazine. Please don't assume that many people have similar plants and it will be done by somebody else. Please let it be you! The more photographs we have the easier it is to solve the problems of defining the species and their names. You can read more about this action in the article "Problematic cultivars".

    Valery Kalishev, Editor in Chief


    Compiler: Walery Kalishev (Chelyabinsk)
    English translation by: Irina Ten, VA, USA, Larisa Zaitseva – Chelyabinsk
    Lay-out and publishing in Internet: Peter Lapshin (Moscow)


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