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Project by Valery Kalishev 
ISSUE 4 (20):

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Emagazine CULTIVAR - ISSUE 4(20)
Table of content:

  • Congratulations and presents on our 3rd anniversary - selection of the messages
  • The eternal problem of taxonomy Dmitry Semenov, Moscow, Russia;
  • Flowering of cacti Nikolai Nikonov, Ekaterinburg, Russia;
  • Multicoloured cacti Dmitry Semenov, Moscow, Russia;
  • Intraspecific hybrids of Gymnocalycium Nickolay Shemorakov;
  • Cacti shows in spring in Donetsk city (Ukraine) and in Almaty city (Kazakhstan)
  • Pioneers by Valery Kalishev
  • Mailbox - selection of the messages

    The editor's desk:

    Dear friends and colleagues,
    on the 4th of September we are 3 years old!

    My congratulations to the Cultivar team! Special congratulations to Nadezhda Groshkova (Nizhny Novgorod) who is responsible for "the birth" of this magazine, Konstantin Kraevsky (Moldova) and Irina Okounkova (Moscow). I also would like to express my hearty thanks to you our faithful readers for your interest in Cultivar.

    I want to make a request to everybody reading this magazine: let's make our magazine even more interesting and widely spread. Tell about us to your cacti friends, colleagues, cacti-and-succulent forums and journals. Let the community of cacti people read your articles and look at your photos!

    W are asking you to send us photographs of these plants with names or without them (especially colored and flowering cultivars). We will try to summarize the results and report them in the next issues of our magazine. Please don't assume that many people have similar plants and it will be done by somebody else. Please let it be you! The more photographs we have the easier it is to solve the problems of defining the species and their names. You can read more about this action in the article "Problematic cultivars".

    We thank all the readers who sent us stories and photos of interesting plants from their collections. New stories and photos are always welcome!

    Valery Kalishev, Editor in Chief


    Compiler: Valery Kalishev (Chelyabinsk)
    English translation by: Larisa Zaitseva (Chelyabinsk, Russia), Irina Ten (VA, USA),
    Lay-out and publishing in Internet: Peter Lapshin (Moscow)


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    Design and hosting by Peter Lapshin, since 2002. Contacts: Peter Lapshin