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Gymnocalycium cultivars by unknown authors

    From the Editor. The photos you see on this page had been sent to us by Lorraine Thomas ( from California, USA (read about Keith and Lorraine Thomas in the issues 7 (8) и 6 (16) of our e-magazine). Unfortunately Lorraine knows nothing about the authors of these wonderful plants. We would appreciate any information on the history of these beautiful cultivars from Gymnocalycium genus.

Photo 1. Gymnocalycium mihanovichii Anindita

Photo 2. Gymnocalycium mihanovichii Dr. Pallargit

Photo 3. Gymnocalycium mihanovichii Ashata

Photo 4. Gymnocalycium mihanovichii Dr. B.B. Sunderstan

Photo 5. Gymnocllycium mihanovichii v friedrichii Gordan Rrowley

Photo 6. Gymnocllycium mihanovichii v friedrichii Madhura

Photo 7. Gymnocllycium mihanovichii v friedrichii Subarra

Photo 8. Gymnocllycium mihanovichii v. friedrichii Iaganroth

Photo 9. Gymnocllycium mihanovichii v. friedrichii Ultal

Photo 10. Gymnocllycium mihanovichii v. friedrichii Etamra

Photo 11. Gymnocllycium mihanovichii v. friedrichii Meera

Photo 12. Gymnocllycium mihanovichii v. friedrichii Saumya

Photo 13. Gymnocllycium mihanovichii v. friedrichii Sudra

Photo 14. Gymnocllycium mihanovichii var friedrichii Bima

Photo 15. Gymnocllycium mihanovichii var friedrichii Btauli

Photo 16. Gymnocllycium mihanovichii Aninta

Photo 17. Gymnocllycium mihanovichii Balbredra

Photo 18. Gymnocllycium mihanovichii var friedrichii Arun


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