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e-Magazine about exotic forms of Cactaceae
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Project by Valery Kalishev 
ISSUE 1 (23):

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Photo 1. Neoporteria coimasensis 'Optima'.

Photo 2. Pseudolobivia aurea (?) 'Supermutabilis'.

Photo 3. Cereus peruvianus 'Babkin'.

Special issue of our magazine to appear soon

Dear readers, friends, colleagues!

At last our team has successfully finished making up a special paper version of the e-magazine "Cultivar" we promised to publish earlier (see No. 3 (19), The paper version contains 12 articles with emphasis on colored forms of cacti. Some of these articles had already been published in our e-magazine, to be issued on paper they have been thoroughly revised and corrected. There are more than 80 colored photos on the cover and the inserts. Some of the photos had never been published yet. The size of this 56-page magazine is 17.5 x 25.5 cm, language English, price US$7 per copy, postal charges included.

To subscribe please send your request to our e-mail: e-mail or use the link subscribe in the "Subscription" category on the start page of our e-magazine. In the topics window leave a message "Request for a special issue" and enter your e-mail.

Valery Kalishev

Special issue contents:

  • Colored forms of cacti: their peculiarities, propagation and cultivation Valery Kalishev 
  • Unusual cacti in Japan Larisa Zaitseva 
  • How are we to call them? Valery Kalishev 
  • Endogenous variability of photosynthetic pigments contents in the colored form of Gymnocalycium mihanovichii var. friedrichii 'Multicolor' Igor Skoulkin 
  • Homemade forms of colored cacti Vitaly Derevaynko 
  • Experiments in obtaining variegated sprouts Nikolai Shemorakov 
  • My new colored Gymnocalycium  seedlings Nikolai Shemorakov 
  • Five curiosities from one pot Valery Kalishev 
  • Stocks for grafting cacti Valery Serovaisky 
  • Variety of colours in leaf succulents Peter Lapshin 
  • Unusual in your collections Valery Kalishev 
  • European diary. Traveling through collections: Donetsk, Ukraine Innokenty Sinev, Peter Lapshin 

Photo 5. European diary. Traveling through collections: Donetsk, Ukraine.


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