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ISSUE 1 (23):

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Photo 2. Gymnocalycium Hibotan Yellow

Photo 3
. Gymnocalycium Hibotan Nishiki

Photo 4. Gymnocalycium Hibotan Orange

Photo 5.

Photo 6.


In this issue we present to you Koduk Green House Inc. Koduk Green House Inc. is a company from South Korea growing and trading in cacti and other succulents. The company with ten years of experience owns 9 modern greenhouses (Photo 1) and other facilities, where cacti and other succulents are grown from seed and offsets. The company produces a lot of colored and variegated cacti (Photos 2-10), most of which are grafted. The site of the company may be visited here.

Photo 1.

Photo 7. Gymnocalycium Hibotan Red

Photo 8. Gymnocalycium Hibotan Pink

Photo 9. Gymnocalycium Hibotan Black

Photo 10.


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