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The Cacti Greenhouse All photos
by Peter Lapshin
of State Nikita Botanical Gardens (Yalta, Crimea)   Home   About Gardens    Address, How to get    Photo Galleries    Succulent Collection    Links    Author of site    Russian 

Nikita Botanical Gardens placed near Yalta town on the Crimea peninsula at the Black Sea
Nikitskiy Botanical Gardens was founded in 1812 is one of the oldest botanical gardens of the world

This garden has one of the largest in Europe herbarium, the oldest library in Crimea and a scientific museum. The collections of the Nikita Botanical Gardens include many thousand species, forms, sorts and hybrids of plants from many countries of the world. There are 12 scientific departments in the structure of the Botanical garden.

Our site devoted to the collection of succulents of Nikita Botanical Gardens. The cacti collection is very interesting and beauty. Director of Cacti Greenhouse is Olga Ivanovna Goncharova. The Cacti Greenhouse invites to visit permanent exposition of cacti and others succulents in open and closed ground. The excursion programm is available during a year. How to get us.

There is following information on the site:
  • Photo Albums of Cacti Greenhouse, indoor and outdoor exposition.
    • "Cacti Yard" - cacti and other succulents outdoors;
    • Reviev photos in exposure of indoors;
    • Leafy succulents;
    • Different cacti;
    • Park of Botanical Gardens.

  • List of photographed succulent plants;

  • How to get to Cacti Greenhouse;

  • Links to internet sites about Nikitsky Botanical Garden.

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