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ISSUE 6 (16):

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Emagazine CULTIVAR - ISSUE 6 (16)
Table of content:

  • Wettability of cacti spines By A.V.Semenov, T.N.Sidorova, S.P.Mamontov
  • Succulent vegetation in Himalayan foothills By A.Khokhryakov, M.Mazurenko
  • Cacti Alps: The art of growing cacti and succulents outdoors in humid climate By KrolikUdaff
  • Get colored forms by yourself. Experiments – I - III By Dmitriy Rogatskin (Smolensk)
  • Inheritance of fasciations among Cacti I. Skulkin
  • Keith and Lorraine Thomas, California, USA V.Kalishev.


    We wish our readers
    merry Christmas and happy New Year!
    We hope you'll stay with us in the year 2003!

    Cultivar team


    Dear readers, one more year passed. We have kept our promise to you to publish 6 issues every year. There were circumstances although which made it difficult, and the issues came out irregularly. There have been published 42 articles and 206 photos all in all this year. It is for you to decide whether it is enough or not.

    I'd like to say many Thanks, first of all to "Cultivar" team that have been unselfishly making all the issues of our magazine. I think they deserve not only my but also your gratitude first of all. Thanks to the authors who granted us the articles and photos. Thanks to our subscribers who consented to cooperate with us in the coming year: The South Florida Cactus and Succulent Society, USA; Frank Supplie, Holland; Eddie Esteves, Brazil; John Gamesby, UK; George ad Verteuil Trinidad and Tobago; the "Succulents" magazine, Russia. We hope there will be others who follow their lead.

    We are to some extent dissatisfied by the quality of certain photos, though they are still of the great value because they depict unique plants and have been published only in our magazine, nowhere else! Nevertheless we'd like to have photos of better quality. Also we'd like to apologize for some defects found by close examination of all magazine issues, such as take place recently in invalid links in the issue 4(5), the issue 6(7) that doesn't have an English version but only the table of contents. Also there are issues with faulty photo links, spelling or grammar mistakes in the articles. We shall do our best to reduce these shortcomings. All your suggestions are welcome - I'm sure they will be only for common good.

    Happy New Year!

    Valery Kalishev, Editor in Chief


    Compiler: Walery Kalishev (Chelyabinsk)
    English translation by: Irina Ten, VA, USA, Larisa Zaitseva – Chelyabinsk
    Lay-out and publishing in Internet: Peter Lapshin (Moscow)


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