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ISSUE 3 (4):

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Emagazine CULTIVAR - ISSUE 3 (4)
Table of content:
Individuals:Derevyanko Vitaly Trofimovich
Collections:Unusual in Usual
Novelty:YOUR OPINION N.Shemorakov
Articles:The contents of photosynthetic pigments in the colored forms of cacti in comparison with other succulent plants I.M. Skoulkin, Ph.D and E.P.Artemyeva

Dear Sirs!

Unfortunately our foreign friends are not quite active. I can suggest two reasons:

  • (1) they do not want to cooperate with Cultivar and tell us about their plants,
  • (2) there is no information about the magazine.

At the same time we inform national cactus magazines and fanciers monthly about new issues of Cultivar.

After the 3rd release of the magazine the editors have to decide on its release in English.

The magazine is non-commercial, and the editors have no means to pay translators. Our appeals to volunteers remained without answer.

We realize that the information about plants for the magazine Cultivar is limited. This is what makes it valuable. We want to gather the little of the information concerning cristate, monstrous and colored forms of cacti in different countries and make it available for the fanciers of these forms.

To decide whether we should stop the English version of the magazine we would like to know if you are interested in it, are there any publications on the subject in your country, do you believe it necessary to gather the similar information in the magazine and to release it in English.

We do not exclude the possibility of releasing Cultivar in any foreign language if you translate the articles into it.

Waleri Kalishev


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