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Project by Valery Kalishev 
ISSUE 3 (13):

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Emagazine CULTIVAR - ISSUE 3 (13)
Table of content:

  • Is Astrophytum 'Super Kabuto' - ASCAP? By Igor M. Skoulkin, Ph.D.
  • Abnormal forms of Astrophytum, or questions without answers Nikolay Shemorakov, Kaluga region, Russia.
  • Articles:
  • Cacti and succulents in Japan. Part 3 - Some cultivars of Astrophytum asterias and Astrophytum myriostigma Aikichi Kobayashi.
  • The 'Kabuto' Astrophytum sorts Kouhei Mizukami
  • From the experiments:Sowing of 'Super Kabuto' и 'Onzuka' V. Zlotin, A. Vozian, Moscow, Russia.
    F. A. Q.:Preserving pollen Wolfgang Moring, KuaS, 78


    In the column "Individuals" we tell you about specialists who made a prominent contribution into cactology. We have told about Igor Skulkin, Russia (№ 5/6), Anatoly Evdokimov, Russia (№ 6/7, only russian), Andrey Sokolov, Kazakhstan (№ 7/8), Edward Anderson, USA (№ 1/11), Irina Zaletaeva, Russia (№ 8/9). We apologize for the error in the article about Irina Zaletaeva. We mistakenly stated that she was born in 1912, however her actual year of birth is 1902. It means that this year we are celebrating her 100th anniversary. The Russian magazine "Kaktusy i Drugiye Sukholubivye Rasteniya" ("Cacti and Other Succulents") has proclaimed the 2002 as the year of Irina Aleksandrovna Zaletaeva.

    Today we introduce the new column "Let's be friends". As a matter of fact, it has existed for some time, but under different names. In this column we tell about professional and amateur cactophiles who grow cultivars in their collections. We have already introduced Nickolay Fedyukin, Russia (№ 2/3), Vitaly Derevyanko, Russia (№ 3/4), Trond Dungeon, Norway (№ 6/7, only russian), Jure Slatner, Slovenia (№ 8/9), Keith & Lorraine Thomas, USA (№ 7/8), Denis Gil, Russia (№ 2/12). In the current issue you will meet Elena Simonova and Vladimir Murashov, both of Russia. Please write us and we will be glad to publish an article about you and your cultivars. We especially welcome our colleagues from outside Russia.

    Today we are saying, "Thank you and good-bye" to our outstanding translator, Irina Okunkova, who is going to a long vacation. She is preparing to become a mother. We are wishing good luck and great health to Irina and her future baby. And we hope to meet her again on the pages of our e-Magazine!


    Editor: Walery Kalishev (Chelyabinsk)
    Corrector: Yuri Yudin (NH, USA); Irine Ten (Virginia, USA)
    Web-master: Peter Lapshin (Moscow)
    English version by: Irina Okounkova (Moscow, Russia); Yuri Yudin (NH, USA)
    Translation to Russian: Irine Ten (Virginia, USA); Alexander Bunakov (S-Peterburg, Russia)
    Technical editor: Yuri Yudin (NH, USA)


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